72.24″ x 47.24″ Greenhouse


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Ideal Growing Environment: This walk-in polycarbonate greenhouse gives you a personal plant nursery for your garden, and will be the perfect choice for flower enthusiasts and professional gardeners. If it’s green, you can house it: vegetables, herbs, flowers, succulents, and saplings. ☘️ Sturdy Wooden Base and Fram: This walk-in greenhouse was built to withstand the outdoors with a solid pine wood frame and outdoor paint for added strength. The windproof Level is 4 – 5. That keeps it stable against stronger wind and weather than other materials can handle. The sloping roof and four drain holes prevents water buildup and makes it a more enduring structure. ☘️ Transparent Polycarbonate Hot House: The outdoor greenhouse is made of full transparent polycarbonate panels that better let the sunlight in and to create desirable heat and humidity for plants to grow healthily and extend the growing season! Letting nourishing sunlight in and keeping damaging UV out, polycarbonate is an excellent choice to prevent sun damage in plants. That also can protect your plants from cold, wind, rain, and wild animals. ☘️ Lockable Latch Door: This walk-in greenhouse features a front door you can use to easily access your grow space. The attached latch lets you secure it shut so you can lock it when you leave. ☘️ Large Storage Space: The walk-in design greenhouse has a shelf on each side that provide enough space to organize your plants and small planting tools for you to easy-care. The Overall size is 76.18”L x 48.43”W x 86.22”H. The door is 68 inches high, so adults can enter and exit easily. Giving your patios, backyards, lawns, and gardens a touch of green! ☘️ Convenient Installation: This greenhouse kit is included clear instructions, it’s very easy to follow. Each part is clearly labelled and can be easily assembled by two persons. ⚠️ Please Note: This item is shipped in two packages. Sometimes all boxes may not arrive at the same time. If you have any other questions, please contact our professional service team.

What’s Included?

  • Door(s)
72.24" x 47.24" Greenhouse

Other Dimensions

7′ 2” H X 6′ 6/25” W X 3′ 11 6/25” D
Overall Product Weight
140.66 lb.


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