MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System


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The MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System is intended to regulate the temperature in your greenhouse throughout the hot and colder periods. Most plants will not blossom and fruit at temperatures over 85 degrees. To get the plants to bloom, temperature control is important. This ventilation system can quickly be set-up to run through a deep cycle marine battery to make the energy always available, with or without the sun’s energy potentially giving you a solar-powered greenhouse. The battery is designed to be constantly deeply discharged using most of its capability.

The MONT Solar Ventilation System provides off the grid operation, getting the energy to your greenhouse where you need it. The system is easily retrofitted to another non-MONT greenhouse as well. The commercial fan, exhaust louvers, and commercial thermostat are all made in the USA and the solar panel can generate more than twice the required power to run the fan at 100%, allowing for later possibilities such as lighting and warming.

Features & Benefits

  • 16in commercial ventilation fan
  • Aluminum 5 louvered fan cover
  • Commercial thermostat
  • 40 amp solar panel with mounting brackets
  • Instructions for battery powerpack set-up
  • Environment-friendly and created for your comfort
  • Can be easily retrofitted to another non-MONT greenhouse
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Proudly designed and made in the USA


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