Outsunny Tunnel Greenhouse


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Brand: Outsunny

10′ x 7′ x 7′ Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse

Outdoor Plant Nursery with Anti-Tear PE Cover

Zipper Doors and Mesh Windows, White

Walk-In Hoop Greenhouse Kit:

This walk-in greenhouse gives you a personal plant nursery for your garden.

Control heat

And humidity

Stop sun damage by blocking harmful UV.

If it’s green, you can house it:





and saplings

Protect plants from cold and wind, also rain, and animals.

Grow tropical plants

Finally expand your planting potential.

Look in or Let Air Out:

Control the heat and humidity by making use of the six roll-up windows, two side walls, and a zippered door.

With the windows and sidewalls, you can vent off moisture slowly, carefully reaching the right levels.

With the door, you can clear out the air quickly or enter and exit, sealing behind you to keep air trapped inside.

High-quality PE Cover: Our greenhouse protects plants from wind, rain, and cold with a 140 GSM PE cover.

This is a material that lets in 85% of nourishing sunlight without the worry of UV scorching.

Featuring a tear-resistant reinforcement grid, our greenhouse is outdoor-ready.

Steel Structure: The large greenhouse is composed of seven crossbars, two diagonal braces.

And a reinforcing ground frame, all made of water-safe, bend-resistant galvanized steel.

Formed into an arch shape, the top prevents sagging and allows it more stability against wind and rain.

For added support, bury the extended edges deep in the soil and pull guy ropes tightly from the ground stakes.

Greenhouse Tent Info: Overall Dimensions: 116.25″ L x 78.75″ W x 78.75″ H.

Window Dimensions: 18″ L x 15.75″ W.

Recommended that 1-2 people assemble it.

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