Sterling Heater Control Board


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Sterling part # J28R06881 (11J28R06881, 11J28-06881). Direct spark ignition board for Sterling & Beacon Morris gas heaters. This is the newest model which comes with the remote LED diagnostic light.

Used On The Following Model Numbers: (Direct spark only)
TF030, TF045, TF060, TF075, TF090, TF100, TF125, TF150, TF175, TF200, TF250, TF300, TF350, TF400, RF030, RF045, RF060, RF075, RF090, SF030, SF045, SF060, SF075, GG030, GG045, GG060, GG075, GG090, GG105, GG120, SF100, SF125, SF150, SF175, SF200, SF250, SF300, SF350, SF400, TC100, TC125, TC150, TC175, TC200, TC250, TC300, TC350, TC400, SC100, SC125, SC150, SC175, SC200, SC250, SC300, SC350, SC400, BRU30, BRU45, BRU60, BRU75, BRU90, BTU30, BTU45, BTU60, BTU75, BTU90, BTU100, BTU125, BTU150, BTU150, BTU175, BTU200, BTU250, BTU275, BTU300, BTU350, BTU400, BRT30, BRT45, BRT60, BRT75, BRT90, BRT105, BRT120, XF100, XF125, XF150, XF175, XF200, XF250, XF300, XF350, XF400


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